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How does the profile localisation work?

There are two possibilities regarding your profile location:

1. GPS location: you can bind the location of your profile to the actual location of your device, which changes dynamically as you move from a place to another. This is best when you want to find a date or be found by users around you.

2. Fixed location: you can locate your profile in a fixed place of your choice within a radius of 100 Km from where you are. This is best when you don’t want to show where you actually are, for example, for privacy reasons.

In both scenarios, it is necessary to allow your browser or app to access your position. If you don’t do that, your profile’s position falls back to where your IP is located, which may be hundreds of kilometres away from you, generating an annoying mismatch.

The '100 Km limitation' is a nuisance for whomever wants to fake their location for more than 100 Km. A direct effect of this implementation is a more reliable RADAR overview, with a higher chance of finding genuine local users and a lower chance to encounter fakers and scammers.

Keep in mind that you can always explore all places in the world by accessing the TRAVEL feature: you don’t need to move your profile to a place to look for profiles there, the TRAVEL allows you to search everywhere while you remain in your actual location.

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