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Why is my location incorrect?

If your profile locates you in the wrong place, please make sure you consented to share your location.

In the following links, you find how to share location with our site in the supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

In case our site is blocked in your country, please use one of our apps for Android or for iOS.

To share location with our apps:

ROMEO for iOS: go to ‘System Settings' » 'Privacy' » 'Location Services' » 'On' (slider in position green) » 'ROMEO' » 'While Using the App’ and make sure to have the GPS activated.

ROMEO for Android: go to System Settings » app management » ROMEO» permissions » location, and make sure to have the GPS activated

To know how our location system works, have a look here.
To know how to set your location, have a look here.

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