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How do I rate pictures?

You can rate other users' pictures accessing a randomized list of pictures of profiles located as far as possible from you, to guarantee the highest level of privacy.

Picture rating is not possible on our apps.

To do it, log in > click on RATING (the 'flame' icon on the left-had side of the screen). To rate a picture, click on one of the 5 symbols on the bottom, or on 'Skip' if you are not sure.

You can choose:

The green flower: Non-sexual pictures (dressed and suitable for all ages).
The yellow popsicle: Some skin (suitable to show any of your friends).
The orange match: Softcore (erotic or sexy, but not porn)
The red flame: Hardcore (sexually explicit)
The no-entry sign: Illegal (prohibited and inappropriate)

For more information, click on the 'i' (info icon) in the top-right corner.

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