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How do I reset my password?

Simply log in and click on 'more', next to your profile picture, on the left-hand side of the screen » go to 'Edit profile' » 'Account' » 'Password' » enter your new your password » repeat your new password » confirm with your current password » click 'Save' to update your profile.
Please note: on smaller screens, the 'more' option is in the bottom-right corner.

ROMEO Android
Simply tap the sidebar menu icon ☰ » 'Settings' » 'Password' » enter your current password » tap 'CONFIRM' » enter your new password » re-enter your new password in 'Confirm Password' field » tap 'CHANGE'.

Simply tap the 'gear-wheel' icon (bottom-right) bar » scroll down to ACCOUNT SETTINGS » tap 'Password' » enter your old password » 'OK' » enter your new password » 'OK'.

Alternatively, copy the following URL into your browser and follow the instructions:
If you don't find the email message with the link please check your spam folder.

Once you reset your password, you can log in by entering your username in the text field "Profile name" and your new password in the text field "Password".

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